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In 2009 joined XboxLiveAddicts (XBLA) as a features & review writer. Later in 2010 I took on the role of Community Manager.

XBLA was launched in August 2004 to provide a place where Xbox Live gamers could chat and arrange games together. The sites roots stem from the community that surrounded the Xbox game MotoGP 2. Up until 2007, the MotoGP developers (Climax) and publishers (THQ) were closely involved with the site on a regular basis. In 2010 Monumental Games began posting and XBLA quickly became one of the leading UK based Xbox fansites.

XBLA was a member of the XCN (Xbox Community Network) and the leagues and events organised were featured on and in OXM and OXM360 magazines each month. XBLA appeared a number of other times in OXM and OXM360, with both Luke Duke Newcombe and Community Editor Ben Talbot for OXM360 both mentioning the site in their monthly editorials.

Unfortunately, XBLA now operates behind a Sign In page, as such you'd be required to sign in to view the original posts. The links that follow are copies, hosted on this site. You are free to create an account on XBLA and use this link to see all my original posts on their site.

All reviews are Xbox 360 titles unless otherwise stated.

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